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This Is Why He’s My Main Man Because a Good Mechanic Is Hard to Find - Celebrating the Unsung heroes who help us navigate the unexpected potholes in life. It’s tough out there. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been, quite literally, kicked to the curb a few times over the years. And that includes a dropkick from each of the three big contenders that figure prominently in the life-sucking-psychic-energy […]
How “Nomadland” Wandering Can Make You Happy and Young Again - The nomadic instinct is a human instinct — Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad After a couple of years of deep contemplation, I decided I was tired of living a life of not quite… quiet desperation…but lingering melancholy.  I felt my life shrinking when it should be expanding. Routine had sidled up, tapped me on the shoulder, and […]
A Love Story in Miniature. - A masterpiece of moments expressed forever. A Masterpiece of moments expressed forever. You would be leaving soon, back to your life in Brooklyn after a quick visit home to Maine. Sharing a love of art and painting, you suggested, “Mom, let’s do a painting together.” In the subdued light of late fall and with nothing […]
Try This Magic Formula of Three, and Give Your Life a Jolt into Positive Action - These 3 easy practices, done together, might even manifest an adventure. Five years ago, I started an inner journey and stumbled upon three easy yet different processes that I, fortuitously, did at the same time. These three things shook up my life and sent me on an adventure that continues to this day. It began […]
Patience is Exactly the Teacher You Need Right Now - “Genius is Eternal Patience.” Michelangelo Over these many months of 2020, I’ve developed this animal instinct of being on high alert sensing an impending disaster… but it never goes away and relief never comes. This flight or fright state leaves me weakened and easy prey to impatience which makes my stress levels soar. Since early […]
Remember the Teen-Age Joys of a Parked Car? - With nowhere to go, Covid has revived this simple pleasure and kept a lot of people happy and sane. I’m suddenly fourteen again. In order to escape the confines of my big, chaotic family, I sneak the keys to the car and sidle out the door before anyone notices. With a heavy yank, the driver’s […]
To Reteach a Thing Its Loveliness - We need to develop the Buddhist practice of metta or lovingkindness…and the benefits are worth it. When I read the phrase To reteach a thing its loveliness…just let that sink in for a minute… it felt like a lifeline, like a comforting beacon of light after being lost on an uncharted sea of anxiety, fear, […]
Is Sheltering in Place in the Big Apple an Opportunity for Personal Growth? - After searching for an answer, the big reveal is, yes. I kept asking myself over and over again, Why now? Why the hell now? In October of last year, I fulfilled a life-long dream of moving to New York City. After months of journal writing and mulling it over, I made the decision it was […]
Cat-Like In The Window, The Day’s Drama Plays Out Before Me. - Although my view of the world has literally narrowed, it is no less entertaining,yet, intimately, human. And it seems that when we think no one is looking, whether under the cover of darkness, or in plain light of day, someone is.  In mid March, after the state of emergency was declared, much like Prospero and […]
Will Convenience/Instant Gratification Be Our Undoing? - A City’s exorbitant cardboard trash got me thinking about our excessive consumption, and, in this Covid-19 reality, creating. I’ve longed to live in NYC for years, and when it became a reality this October, it didn’t disappoint in showing me a rich banquet of stimuli that could satisfy the senses of any appetite. But an […]
A NYC Pandemic Vignette - Friday and the news is ever dire. In one night, the death toll climbs to 100. People respond with care. Many not so much. Judging proves fruitless. Taking in the sun and taking in the view. A car pulls up an exchange is made. Anxieties slip away like so many droplets hitching a ride on […]
My Taking a "Gap Year" at 67 to Live in NYC Will Now Include Surviving a Pandemic. - Oh, the irony. This past October, I answered a call to adventure and moved from Maine to NYC to experience the dizzying din of a city that never sleeps. Four months into it, all the enticements that drew me here have been shut down, and I’ve been put to bed without my supper. Along with […]
The Spring/Break Art Show in NYC is a Riotous Affair of Small Galleries and Independent Curators Representing Unknown, Emerging, and Mid Career Artists. What a Blast! - It’s the season of Art Shows in NYC right now, and the title Spring/Break certainly heralds a dizzying collection of art including installation, interactive, and video work from about 130 international curators. The show is housed in unused, unusual, and sometimes historic buildings in the city at no cost to exhibitors. In its ninth year […]