A Love Story in Miniature.

A masterpiece of moments expressed forever.

A Masterpiece of moments expressed forever.

Author and son painting created together.

You would be leaving soon, back to your life in Brooklyn after a quick visit home to Maine. Sharing a love of art and painting, you suggested, “Mom, let’s do a painting together.”

In the subdued light of late fall and with nothing planned, we applied a thick layer of ocher color and began.

For ninety minutes we worked in sync putting our hearts together, yet never uttering a spoken word.

Color and brushstroke were our language of love, resulting in a masterpiece of moments… a tangible memory…

of how much I love your company.


  1. Mary Harbison · December 26, 2020

    Lovely, Connie. Here’s to a Happy New Year and the promise of renewed hope, joy, light, kindness and collaboration. May we all have learned valuable lessons and insights during 2020 that we can carry forward and share in 2021. All the best, Mary.


  2. Karen Tucker · December 26, 2020

    Beautiful- both the words and painting.


  3. Cathy Whorf · December 26, 2020

    Wonderful present during the Christmas Season. Merry Christmas to you and your son! Having this painting will certainly allow you to hold dear what really is important.


  4. Jenny McKendry · December 26, 2020

    Connie and Jack, your work is so Alive, radiating Peaceful warmth.
    Your words are Loving, pleasingly bare bones, all that’s necessary.Seamless collaboration.


  5. Marie · December 29, 2020

    Love both the artist and how this piece of art came to be …🥲♥️


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